Turn it around.

Damn those jars and bottles for needing super strength to open them. We’re not characters from a marvel comic or a Hollywood action movie. We just want to open that bottle with ease and style. That’s why we love our new opener collection ‘Drailos’. Drailos is available in two sizes, four colours and it’s the perfect solution to open any jar or bottle with a screwcap. And yes, they do look stylish too.

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Fancy features
Escentiall. Drailos dopke

Less power needed

If you are not Clark Kent in disguise, you might be in need of some extra power. That’s when Drailos comes in handy. Because of the way Drailos is designed, it helps you with extra strength that is needed.

Escentiall. Drailos deqsel

Extra grip

Opening a jar or bottle can be tricky. The sizes are just too small or just too big to get a firm grip. Having wet or sweaty hands makes it even harder. Drailos is made of anti slip silicon that is all about grip.

Escentiall. Drailos dopke


Silicon is a great material. It provides grip, looks great and it feels very comfortable. Besides that, the design really fits well in your hand providing even more grip and comfort.

Two sizes to fit all
Escentiall. Drailos dopke

Drailos dopke for bottles.

Escentiall. Drailos deqsel

Drailos deqsel for jars.

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Check out our kitchen concept!

Drailos is a part of our kitchen concept which also offers the Pruttulhullup, a boil-over protector which doubles as a steamer.